Former Pastor Craig Davis Spreading HIV to 'Mistresses' in Atlanta?

Craig Lamar Davis, a married minister in Atlanta, was reportedly arrested after allegedly spreading HIV to some of his mistresses who were also congregants of his church.

Davis formerly served as the pastor of Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., before reports surfaced about his alleged infidelity and spreading of the retrovirus that causes AIDS. While several news outlets reported that the pastor was arrested last month for reckless conduct after spreading the human immunodeficiency virus to several woman outside of his marriage, Ronita McAfee was one person who spoke about the pastor in particular in a report.

McAfee reportedly claimed that she met Davis on Facebook which ultimately led to intercourse with the former pastor. However, McAfee was later contacted by an alleged ex-girlfriend of the pastor who claimed that she had contracted HIV from him.

After McAfee heard the news, she reportedly confronted the pastor, who attempted to counsel her while advising that she take an HIV test. However, the pastor allegedly said nothing about undergoing his own testing, according to

When McAfee learned that she contracted the virus, she reportedly sought the help of authorities to issue a warrant for Davis' arrest. While McAfee filed for Davis' arrest in Clayton County, Ga., a woman who was a part of the pastor's congregation stepped forward to prompt an investigation after she allegedly engaged in intercourse with him after being celibate for 15 years.

People in and out of the Atlanta area expressed shock and dismay upon learning about the news recently. One person took to Twitter to comment on the minister's alleged infidelity.

"Pastor Craig Lamar Davis looks like any other healthy, happy, heterosexual pastor with good family values," the person tweeted.

Another person seemed relieved that people were spreading the news of the former pastor's alleged deeds to avoid any further spreading of the disease.

"Glad people re-tweeted the article about pastor Craig Lamar Davis #smh know what's going on in your community," the person tweeted.