Fred Willard Arrested for Lewd Conduct With Pants Down

Fred Willard was arrested Wednesday night after the actor was reportedly caught with his pants down in an adult theater.

The "Everybody Loves Raymond" actor was arrested Wednesday night and booked for lewd conduct in Hollywood, according to reports.

Willard has received three Emmy nominations for his role as Frank MacDougal, Robert Barone's father in-law, in the past. The actor and comedian has also appeared on ABC's "Modern Family" for which he received an additional Emmy nomination in 2010.

Wednesday night however, Willard was arrested for putting on a solo act while at the Tiki Theater in Hollywood, according to TMZ. The actor was discovered by authorities with his pants down and performing a lewd act.

The actor's last film was in 2010 for "Expecting Mary." On television this year he appeared on "Raising Hope", "Trust Us With Your Life," and as the host of "Market Warriors."

The actor, however, in the past has described himself as shy.

"The strange thing is, if I go to a party, I'm very quiet. I guess a lot of actors are that way: You just sit and take in characters," Willard said during an interview earlier this month. "But that's overcome by my basic interest in what makes people tick. I love to talk to people about when they got started, how they first knew they were funny, when was their first this and that."

TMZ has reported that the actor's next film appearance is set to be in "Yank" sometime next year.