'Full House' Reunion Includes Ashley Olsen at John Stamos' 50th Birthday

Ashley Olsen made a rare public appearance at former cast mate John Stamos' 50th birthday party creating a small "Full House" reunion.

Ashley, along with her sister Mary-Kate, split the role of Michelle Tanner while on "Full House." Stamos played their heart throb "cool" Uncle Jesse.

In the past, the Olsen twins have been absent from all "Full House" reunions as they were unable to rearrange their schedules to attend. Although, it is possible they were uninterested due to a past of not being too fond of their time on the show.

The two were just babies when they started on the show. Mary-Kate told Marie Claire magazine that her and Ashley were "little monkey performers" when they were younger and in the spotlight.

Also in attendance were former "Full House" family members, Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), who was the night's emcee, Lori Loughlin (Rebecca), and Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner).

"Had the party of a lifetime Monday night - everyone that is so important in my life was there.… http://instagram.com/p/dkMbWcChxs/" Stamos Tweeted about the party.

"I had a great time hanging with Ashley last night! Such a beauty inside and out pic.twitter.com/x4ow1JjZ8v" Loughlin Tweeted.

Last year "Full House" celebrated their 25-year anniversary with a full cast reunion minus the Olsen sisters.

"Full House" made it's first official debut in 1987, but its most popular reign occurred during the early 1990's when the Olsen twins were at their most popular.