Galaxy Note 2 Software Update to Enable LTE on T-Mobile

T-Mobile will roll out a software update that will enable LTE on the Galaxy Note 2, according to a recent announcement made by the company.

The company will be the last major U.S. carrier to offer LTE, trailing behind Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. The company is allowing existing handsets to be able to access LTE with this software update. The carrier's versions of the BlackBerry Z10 and HTC One will also run LTE.

T-Mobile is currently working on rolling out its LTE network all over the U.S. It is now only available in select cities. The carrier lagged behind other companies, which lead to the iPhone never coming to T-Mobile due to lack of LTE.

T-Mobile confirmed in December that it had entered into a partnership with Apple in order to begin carrying its products in 2013. This could also mean that the carrier will offer the iPad as well. LTE seemed to be the main obstacle for Apple products coming to T-Mobile.

The company announced the news in a press release that informed the public about the investments T-Mobile is making in order to further its business.

"Around EUR 6 billion is earmarked for rolling out the broadband infrastructure in the German fixed network with optical fiber and vectoring between 2013 and 2020," wrote T-Mobile. "In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013."

The carrier will also launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 sometime next month, which is Samsung's third flagship device to use LTE. Both variants of the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 used the network, making the devices lightning fast and more appealing on other carriers. T-Mobile's move is sure to even the playing field a bit more.