Galaxy Note 2 Specs Include Same HD Audio Chip as Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy Note 2 specs include the same HD audio chip and are featured in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This chip has an amazing audio output quality and is created by Wolfson. It's called the WM1811 Audio Hub and it powers the sound for the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone-tablet hybrid device.

The WM1811 HD Audio Hub provides any device it is used on with crystal clear voice quality and enhanced audio playback with minimal battery consumption. This chip makes the Galaxy Note 2 one of the most efficient multimedia devices in the smartphone market.

Samsung has employed music in many different ways in order to promote the Note 2.

It was used this year at the American Music Awards to announce the winners.

Envelopes with letters inside are normally used to read off the winners of various Awards at events like the AMA's, but this year, the announcements were a bit more technologically advanced.

Samsung appears to have pushed the marketing for the device to the next level by having famous musicians carry the Galaxy Note 2 around for a majority of the show, and this isn't the first time Samsung has used celebrities to promote it.

The Canadian Galaxy Note 2 release event, which took place in Toronto earlier this month, featured a performance from "Gangnam Style" singer PSY.

This is interesting, as Samsung employed another popular artist with a more impressive track record in the U.S. for the NYC Galaxy Note 2 event- Kanye West.

PSY's "Gangnam Style" seems to have taken the entire world by storm as it has become a hit in many countries after its music video went viral on YouTube earlier this year.

Samsung also stated in a press release that it employed PSY for the event because he, like the Galaxy Note 2, is "professional by day, fun by night."