Galaxy Note 3 Rumors: PHOTOS Showing off Front of Device Leak

The latest Galaxy Note 3 rumors and leaks include a set of new pictures that show off the front of the device.

The pictures were confirmed to be the front panel of the new phablet by well-known Australian leaker Sonny Dickson. There haven't been many credible leaked photos of the device so Dickson's prediction could prove that this is the first legit one.

Features that can be seen in the pictures include slimmer bezels than what are found on the Galaxy Note 2, and similar placement of the front camera, speakers and sensors to the predecessor.

The Galaxy Note 3 release date must be quickly approaching as the device showed up in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group's database over the weekend.

Bluetooth SIG oversees the Bluetooth standard and work to ensure that the thousands of devices that use the technology are compatible with each other. Manufacturers of Bluetooth devices are required to register their products in a public database. This normally happens right before a smartphone or tablet is launched.

The Note's appearance at Bluetooth SIG confirms that it should be available to the public in the very near future. The filing did not reveal any other new information on the handset at this time.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to launch during the first week of Sept, according to most reports.

The Galaxy Gear Samsung watch is expected to be unveiled on the same day as the Galaxy Note and that device will ship four weeks after the phablet, according to this same report.

The publication also stated that there could be week-long or two week delay for the Galaxy Note 3 depending on the region. It also stated that the device will not launch with 16GB of internal memory. The base model is set to come with 32GB. SamMobile has been a pretty reliable source for Samsung information in the past.