Galaxy S3 to Reach 50 Million Sold in Early 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on track to reach the 50 million sold milestone in early 2013.

Samsung had already sold 30 million units of the device by the third quarter of 2012 and analysts predict that its sales will continue to grow even with the release of the coveted iPhone 5.

The latest reports point to the Galaxy S3 hitting the 50 million sold mark by the beginning of this year. This Christmas probably boosted the sales of the device significantly. Samsung also recently updated the Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.2, JellyBean with Premium Suite making it even more enticing for technology enthusiasts.

The company released two hands-on videos for the new Android 4.1.2, JellyBean Premium Suite update on the Galaxy S3.

The videos were launched at the end of last month and they basically show off the new features introduced to the Samsung Galaxy S3 through Premium Suite.

One of the features included in the video is Page Buddy. This allows users to set their phones to recognize when their earphones are plugged in. The device will automatically recognize when they are inserted and switch to the users music application.

Another feature seen in the video is Contextual Menu that allows users to access their most frequently used apps first, and with Contextual Tag, photos can be tagged with the date, location and weather.

Premium Suite also brings multi-view to the smartphone. This allows two apps to run on the screen at the same time. It will actually take the screen and split in into two parts. Auto Share Shot mode is another feature available with the update that allows users to share photos and videos instantly by tapping devices with NFC capabilities together.

Other features added with Premium Suite include Reader Mode that lets the user easily control the size of the text on their phone and share it, and Facebook Lock Ticker, which lets users view their Facebook news feeds on their lock screen.