Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: Samsung Throws Jabs in New Commercial

Once again it's the Galaxy S3 Vs. the iPhone 5 in a battle that seems to never get old as Samsung released a new commercial that throws jabs at Apple's latest smartphone offering.

Following the same format as past ads for the Galaxy line aimed at Apple, customers are lined up outside of what is supposed to be an Apple store and other people show up wielding the mighty S3.

The Apple customers begin describing new features on the iPhone including a bigger screen and 4G and the Samsung users reply by saying that they had a larger display last year. Samsung also points out that the iPhone 5's screen size boost still does not compare to the Galaxy S3's 4.8-inch Super AMOLED.

The commercial is quite comical, but makes many great points at the same time pointing out how Apple was slow to implement many of the features Samsung users have had since last year.

Samsung also shows off the Android, and S Beam feature that is powered by an NFC (near-field-communications) chip. The iPhone 5 was expected to be NFC ready, however, Apple seems to have stalled once again with a feature that could give Samsung an advantage.

Still, the enthusiasm for the iPhone has not been thwarted with the Galaxy S3's success. Samsung's flagship device moved over 20 million units in just a few months, selling at a much faster rate than its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. But Apple's iPhone 5 sold over 2 million pre-orders in the first two days with analysts predicting it to sell around 8 million units on its launch weekend alone.

The iPhone 5 will be released tomorrow. The device will undoubtedly fly off the shelves, but is Apple really offering the best product? Tomorrow, customers will finally get their answer.