Galaxy S4 Specs: 32GB Model Announced for Release on AT&T

AT&T will release the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 model later on this week.

The carrier has already launched the 16GB version and now customers will have the option to choose a variant with a more significant amount of internal memory.

Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2 owners expressed their frustration with the lack of useful internal memory on the 16GB variants of those devices as only half of it can be used. The 16GB version's storage could be expanded with microSD card slots but additional memory cannot be used to install applications. They also cost extra money that most customers do not want to shell out.

The 32GB version will be available and May 10 and will cost $249.99 for AT&T customers. The carrier will most likely offer a trade-in program for those looking to get rid of their old phones and purchase this new Galaxy S4 model.

Samsung is also planning to launch the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is a new iteration of the company's camera phones of the past.

This device will feature a 16-megapixel camera along with some extremely impressive specifications, according to a report from SamMobile.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom will come with a 4.3-inch qHD SAMOLED display, 8GB of storage, microSD slot, Bluetooth 4.0, and will run Android 4.1, JellyBean. The device is also rumored to feature either a dual-core or quad-core processor, however, the choice has not been made at this time, according to the report.

The device appears to fuse Samsung's Galaxy Camera with the company's flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4. This Zoom device will feature a smaller screen than the Galaxy S4, but will come with a more powerful point and shooter as the smartphone only has a 13-megapixel camera.