Gene Hackman Assaults Homeless Man?

While defending himself and his wife, Gene Hackman punched a homeless person in New Mexico earlier this week.

Many reports indicate that the 82-year-old actor and his wife Betsy were walking through downtown Santa Fe on Tuesday afternoon when a homeless man approached them.

At first, the pair was not alarmed. According to authorities, Hackman and his wife had encountered the same individual in the past, even offering him food and money, according to Entertainment Tonight.

However, on Tuesday, the individual became aggressive toward the couple, even calling Hackman's wife offensive names, leading to an altercation.

When the homeless individual made a threatening advance toward Hackman, the Academy Award-winning actor punched him.

Fortunately, no charges have been filed against Hackman, authorities said.

"It was a simple battery case and it appears Mr. Hackman was acting in self-defense because he was concerned for his safety," Santa Fe police told

The report made waves on Twitter, with users sounding off about Hackman.

"The fact that Gene Hackman is punching rude homeless people at 82 almost makes up for his retirement from acting," wrote Josh.

While there are rumors that Hackman will return to acting, he has been officially retired since 2004.

The veteran actor is well known for staying active even into is eighties. Earlier this year, Hackman was briefly hospitalized after being hit by a truck while riding his bike in the Florida Keys.

His publicist, Susan Madore, said the actor was airlifted to safety, although he sustained minor bumps and bruises.

Hackman is best known for starring in films such as "The Birdcage," "Enemy of the State," and "The Royal Tenenbaums," among many others. The actor also portrayed Lex Luthor in three "Superman" films.

During a career that spanned five decades, Hackman has received two Academy Awards and was nominated for three others.