George Zimmerman 'Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen,' Police Chief Agrees in Email Exchange

After being involved in a domestic altercation this week, Florida citizens are concerned about George Zimmerman's behavior and their own safety. One citizen wrote Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell an email expressing fear of Zimmerman, and what followed was a detailed exchange that called Zimmerman "a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen."

Santiago Rodriguez wrote the letter to Bracknell after Zimmerman was allowed to walk free after an encounter with the law. Zimmerman had an altercation with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Shellie, that prompted her to call 911 and request help from police. The police are now investigating the situation and may yet file charges.

"Either way you had crimes committed by this man and did nothing, Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen your job is to protect the communities you serve and you are failing big time…." Rodriguez wrote at the end of one letter.

"REST ASSURED, the last thing I on planet earth I want is ANY relationship with the Zimmermans. Your reference to Sandy Hook… I agree," Bracknell wrote back. "Thank you for your email. I have tried to answer your questions honestly. On a personal note I agree with you on a few of your points."

People were left stunned and outraged when Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges regarding the death of Trayvon Martin. Since then, he has been cited for speeding and involved in the latest domestic disturbance with Shellie. While police took Zimmerman into custody after the 911 call made by Shellie, they were unable to hold him since she refused to press charges.

In another email exchange, Bracknell agreed to Rodriguez's claim that Zimmerman "seems to be involved in incidents" involving guns. Shellie told the 911 operator she was afraid George would shoot her and her father and that he kept his hand on his firearm the entire time. Zimmerman is known for being passionate about firearms.