George Zimmerman Trial Date Set; Facing Life in Prison

George Zimmerman will go on trial for the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin on June 10, 2013, it has been revealed.

The 29-year-old volunteer neighborhood watch captain is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Martin, who he admittedly killed in Sanford on Feb. 26. If convicted, Zimmerman faces up to life in state prison.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson set Zimmerman's June 10 trial date on Thursday morning and Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda anticipates that the trial will likely take three weeks, estimating that the jury selection process would take longer than the trial itself, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The news comes just one month after results from forensic tests showed that Zimmerman's was the only DNA that could be identified on the grip of the gun that was used to kill Martin.

Zimmerman claims that he killed Martin in self defense and his lawyers are expected to argue that the teen allegedly reached for his gun in an attempt to kill him first.

The test results, which were made public on Wednesday, ruled out Martin's DNA from being on the gun's grip. Zimmerman's DNA was also identified as being on the gun's holster, according to the Associated Press.

The case, which divided the nation, sparked a series of civil-rights rallies with critics blasting Zimmerman for what they deemed to be an unjust killing, while others claim his actions were justified under Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law.

Zimmerman will likely seek a hearing under the controversial self-defense law in the months leading up to trial, according to a message posted on Twitter by his defense team.

The "self-defense immunity hearing [is] likely to be requested for April or May," the tweet read.

During Thursday's court hearing Zimmerman attorney, Mark O'Mara, told the newly appointed judge that his team is not ready for their client's trial.

"I don't know today when we'll be ready for trial," O'Mara said.