George Zimmerman Trial Live Stream Free: Watch Online Video Testimony of Zimmerman's Knowledge of Stand Your Ground Laws

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(Photo: Reuters/Gary W. Green)George Zimmerman enters the courtroom for his trial in Seminole circuit court in Sanford, Florida, June 25, 2013.

The George Zimmerman trial continues Wednesday with more testimonies scheduled to take place from 8.30 a.m. ET as the prosecution tries to make out its case against Zimmerman in the shooting murder case of Trayvon Martin. The trial can be watched online through free live stream via the video player below.

On Wednesday, the court will look at whether the prosecution can introduce evidence about Zimmerman's college coursework in criminal justice, as well as his job application to a Virginia police agency, and an application for a ride-along with police officers in Stanford.

Prosecutors are hoping to convince jurors about Zimmerman's knowledge of law enforcement, and in particular the self defense laws and the stand your ground laws currently in place in Florida. Prosecutors want to portray Zimmerman as a wannabe cop who had gone looking for action and trouble when he killed Martin, rather than being the victim acting in self defense.

The defense team has objected to the evidence being allowed on Tuesday afternoon, saying it is "irrelevant." The two sides will now argue their points on the matter on Wednesday morning before Circuit Judge Debra Nelson.

Prosecutors have highlighted a Zimmerman interview with Fox News last year in which he claimed he had no knowledge of the stand your ground law before he killed Martin.

The defense though has called their attempts "unfair" and "inappropriate": "It's not like they're trying to introduce that he took a humanities case or sixth grade geography class, it's specific. They're allowed to present evidence on their theory of the case just as the defense is allowed to cross examine the witness based on your theory of the case," the defense attorney said on Tuesday afternoon.

The trial continues on Wednesday and all the coverage can be watched online through free live stream via the video player below: