Get Windows 8 Tablets Before Release Date for $3500+ on eBay

Get Windows 8 Tablets Before Release Date for $3500+ on eBay

For those looking to get their hands on a Windows 8 tablet today, you may be in luck if you have the cash. Several Samsung Series 7 700T tablets running Windows 8 can be found on sale on eBay at $3500 dollars or more.

Microsoft provided 5,000 computer developers with several Samsung tablets last week at their BUILD Windows conference. Four of those developers have now opted to profit off of Microsoft's latest hardware. Those same tablets have now popped up on for sale at some expensive prices. Developers were given these tablets to use while creating apps for Windows 8's new Metro platform of touch-enabled software.

Some say BUILD attendees may have decided that instead of working with the new tablet, they looked to sell them. Any developing work by these same developers may have taken place on a similar device or on a standard desktop.

Five tablets have made it onto eBay's website for sale already. One of them reached a top bid of $2,550, while two of the other tablets were available at a "Buy It Now" price of $3,500.

Records on eBay reveal that more than a dozen BUILD-distributed Samsung slates have been sold on through their site since Sept. 14. The prices ranged from a $1,800 to an outrageous price of $4,000. The average asking price was $2,844.

No word yet on how much testing and tweaking Samsung and Microsoft did to get Windows 8 running on Samsung's reference model. Buyers are encouraged to wait for the tablet's official release on October 2nd instead of paying for the unfinished version of Samsung's Windows tablet.

The tablet's hardware and software components are based on the Samsung Series 7 Slate, introduced in August. Its additional features include additional sensors and ports along with a 3G-capable radio for wireless connectivity to the Internet. A 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, Apple's MacBook Air main CPU system, is being used on the tablets as well.

The standard Series 7 Slate's different models will be priced between $1,099 and $1,349 on its expected October release date.


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