Girl, 7, Escapes Kidnapper's Trunk: 'He Stole Me,' Says Child

A 7-year-old girl managed to fight her way out of a kidnapper's trunk, reports state. The little girl escaped, but her kidnapper got away from police, who are continuing to search for the man and believe it may not be an isolated incident in Sacramento.

The unnamed girl was out with her mother and two siblings when a man pulled alongside and grabbed the child. He threw her in the trunk and sped away, but the girl was able to escape. Police did not want to give details as to how she managed to escape in order to prevent kidnappers from thwarting their victims' ability.

"She was lying on the ground when I saw her," Christian Covey, a neighbor, told Sacramento ABC affiliate News10. "But the car was still there, and then she finally got up and came to my husband as I was running out there in the street looking for the car, but he had already hit the corner. I started talking to her, and that's when she was telling us, 'he stole me, he stole me.'"

The girl was immediately reunited with her mother and taken to a hospital for evaluation. Thankfully, she was not seriously injured and released from the hospital with only minor scratches.

Witnesses told the police that the driver was between 25 to 35 years old with "light-brown skin, between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, with black, shoulder-length hair worn either in braids or dreadlocks," ABC reported. His vehicle was described as a dark green or blue four-door sedan.

Police do not think this incident is isolated.

"Last week an 11-year-old was approached by someone in a vehicle that pulled over, got out of their car and told her to get in, but she ran away," Michele Gigante of the Sacramento Police Department told ABC.

"There are some similarities between the descriptions of the suspects from both incidents, but two different vehicle descriptions," Sacramento Sheriff's Department spokesman Jason Ramos added.