Girl Falls Down 50-Foot Well and Survives; Family Asks for Prayer (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter)Megan Winters, 7, survived a 50-foot fall into a well.

The family of a 7-year-old girl is giving thanks after she was rescued from a 50-foot well by firefighters and is "in pain" but "feisty." The young girl will have to undergo surgery on Friday to repair injuries sustained from the fall, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

According to firefighters, Megan Winters spent more than an hour trapped in her family's well in Georgia after falling head-first into the enclosure. The smallest firefighter had to ease his way into the well and was able to secure her to a rope, which the rest of his team then pulled to the surface.

"I finally managed to find a place to put my foot without stepping on her," fireman Clay Kierbow told ABC News. "Got down where we got a … web up under her arms. First time in a well," he added. "Hope it's the last."

When Kierbow reached Megan, she was lying face-first on the ground with one leg bent to the left and the other trapped beneath her. It took some maneuvering, but he was able to secure her to the rescue line and keep her calm until she was brought out of the well. Megan was conscious and talking through the ordeal and was airlifted to Atlanta Children's Hospital where she underwent five hours of surgery for her injuries.

"She's got several casts on right now," family friend Michelle Smith told NBC News last night. "She has pain, she is really, really in pain right now."

Megan's first surgery repaired some of the numerous fractures to her leg and hip, but she will now need surgery on her face. Several bones were broken by the impact of the 50-foot fall.

"They're going to have to go in and fix some of the bones that have moved so much that they're not going to be able to heal on their own," Smith explained. "Right now the broken bones are pinching on nerves in her face."

Megan's family has asked for continued prayers as the young girl heals and has thanked those who have already offered their prayers and well wishes to the family.

"Prayers," Smith said when asked if the family had any requests. "That's the main thing right now is just prayers, prayers, prayers."

Watch footage of the rescue HERE: