Girl Scout Hoax Rectified by Concerned Citizens (VIDEO)

Two Oregon Girl Scout Troops were left with 6,000 boxes of cookies after someone placed a hoax order. The bill for the cookies came to $24,000 and their local towns are trying to help recoup some of the loss.

As of Saturday, 3,000 boxes had been sold, thanks to people stepping up to bail out the troops. According to one local report, the line to purchase the "fake" cookies was "out the door at the Girl Scout offices" on Saturday morning.

"I expected a few people to come down. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this many," Girl Scout spokeswoman Sarah Miller told "I've been a Girl Scout for 23 years. I've never seen anything like this."

The Girl Scout troops were selling the tasty treats in order to fund their annual trip to summer camp. Unfortunately, the fake order left them 6,000 units short and unable to attend. But thanks to family, friends, and complete strangers, the girls will be able to go now.

"I thought it was a dirty trick to play on them, and this way they get their money back. I'm so glad to see this crowd," Betty Englert said. She drove all the way from Vancouver just to purchase some cookies to help the kids.

"They want to show children the world is a good place. When they hear about things that aren't so great, they want to show the opposite side of that," Miller added.

"They placed a fake order on us and they didn't know that it hurt our feelings a lot," 8-year-old Girl Scout Erin Donnelly told "Good Morning America."

The troop appeared on the early morning show to explain their situation and hopefully spread the word about their upcoming sale on March 23.

"For every one person that has bad intentions, there are hundreds more with good intentions and good hearts that are here to help you," Miller said.

Watch local reporting here: