Giuliana Rancic Breast Cancer Announcement: Celebs, Fans Tweet Prayers, Support

Celebrities and fans alike are taking to Twitter to show their support for E! Entertainment host Giuliana Rancic, who announced just yesterday that she has early stages of breast cancer on NBC’s Today Show.

"I just heard about Giuliana Rancic," tweeted a fan. "My prayers and support are with you! Stay positive! You will win this fight!! *sobs*"

Another fan tweeted, "Love and prayers all the way from the philippines for @GiulianaRancic who revealed she is battling breast cancer."

The 36-year-old television personality and reality star, who has documented her struggles to get pregnant on her reality show with husband Bill Rancic, "Giuliana and Bill," discovered the news after a doctor's visit for a third round of in vitro fertilization. The doctor said she needed a mammogram because if she did in fact have breast cancer and became pregnant, the pregnancy could accelerate the pace of the cancer.

Rancic said she did not plan on getting a mammogram until the age of 40, as she had no family history of the disease.

She announced that she will undergo surgery this week followed by radiation treatment for six weeks.

"Take a second to send good wishes to @GiulianaRancic, she's had a tough couple days," tweeted Ryan Seacrest. "We'll all be w/ u thru surgery jules! Love u."

US Weekly tweeted, "Our thoughts and best wishes are with @GiulianaRancic, who revealed this morning that she has breast cancer."

Despite the diagnosis, Rancic said she has no plans to give up her dream of one day having a baby.

"I'm not going to give up, I want that baby," she said.

"What's amazing is that that baby will have saved my life because I've always said that this all happened to me for a reason; there was some master plan as to why my IVF didn't work, why I never got pregnant. And now I truly believe that God was looking out for me because had I gotten pregnant, a few years down the line I could be a lot sicker."