Glee Project Winner, Samuel Larsen Embraces Faith in Jesus

Though Sunday night’s shocking announcement by Ryan Murphy about the official winner of the “Glee Project” captured the headlines, Christians have been praising Samuel Larsen for sharing his faith.

Moments after announcing Samuel Larsen as the winner of Glee Project, Murphy announced that Damian McGinty would also take home the prize. But Murphy didn’t finish there; he also announced that Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell would participate in a two-episode arc of the series.

Though the official winner could only be speculated to be Larsen, the Los Angeles native has been praised by many for his Christian faith.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Larsen expressed his excitement over Murphy embracing both his faith and his tattoos representing it.

“Three of my tattoos can be considered spiritual or faithful. I have more than that, but I love that Ryan is not just fascinated with the fact that I’m a Christian, but he’s also fascinated by the fact that I took it as far as getting tattoos for it,” said Larsen.

He continued, “I know trying to break in to the acting industry and showing up and having to wear long sleeves and cover my tattoos because people don’t want to deal with it, but the fact that he embraces it is really exciting to me.”

Earlier this month Larsen told TV Guide about his choice to keep his Christian faith personal and wanting “people to know who I am and fall in love with me first before I drop something that heavy on them.”

So when his faith was “dropped in Ryan Murphy's lap” Larsen was glad of the host’s reaction of being “so accepting of it.” He added that Murphy had embraced his faith as “really cool.”

Larsen also explained he was looking forward to playing a Christian character in “Glee.” He believes that TV doesn’t give a faith portrayal of Christians and only limits the characters as “goody two shoes” that look a certain way and do certain things.

On the contrary he said, “Some of the craziest people I know, some of the coolest guys I know who party and go crazy and play rock shows and have tons of tattoos, they will still go to church on Sunday and do their best to live that kind of a life. I think that would be very cool to see on TV because that is true.”

The 19-year-old encouraged Christians to “dress how you want to, have holes on your face, you can still live that life - I think that's something that not any show has.”