GM Unveils New Chevy Volt-like Cadillac ELR

GM unveiled the Chevy Volt-like Cadillac ELR at the Detroit Auto Show on Tuesday.

The car shares similar features with the Chevy plug-in vehicle, but has the build for luxury that comes with 20-inch wheels.

GM promised an "engaging driving experience" with the ELR, and the chassis and front suspension have been altered from the Volt's in order to provide drivers with a more responsive feel.

The Cadillac ELR utilizes the same propulsion system as the Volt, but the version featured on the Cadillac has been reprogrammed to provide better performance. This same system lets the driver use the gasoline engine first in order to save the charge for after the fuel has been depleted. The car is set to run on gas alone for the first 35 miles. GM believes this system allows drivers to save some electric charge for city driving, where a battery powered car is most efficient.

The ELR is the first luxury electric coupe in GM's line-up and the car maker will manufacture it in limited number and export it only to the largest global markets such as China and Europe, according the GM's new vice president for global Cadillac, Bob Ferguson.

"I believe it's a landmark in Cadillac's history," said Ferguson during his first appearance on stage at the auto show. "It sits at the intersection of beauty in design and the best of engineering. It's a special car that exemplifies Cadillac's greatest achievements through history."

Mark Adams, the executive director of Cadillac's global design, hopes the ELR will stand out from the current lineup of electric vehicles because of its ability to hold a charge over other models that normally run out of electricity quickly.

"In its simplest terms, the Cadillac ELR is art and science personified," he said.

GM did not announced any pricing information. The car will go on sale in the early weeks of 2014.