GMA Announces Picks for Best Radio Stations

Top picks for the best Christian radio stations from around the nation have just been announced by the Gospel Music Association (GMA), the largest network of artists and industry leaders that promote all genres of gospel music.

The finalists have been selected for the 2007 GMA/Christian Music Broadcasters (CMB) Radio Station of the Year contest, where awards will be given to a group of stations in major, large, medium and small markets.

The awards are designed to give credit to stations that are offering positive and uplifting alternatives to mainstream music and having a large impact in their broadcast areas.

The candidates are as follows (all names are station managers):

Major Market - KSBJ (Houston, Texas, Tim McDermott); WFSH (Atlanta, Ga., Mike Moran); and KCMS (Seattle, Wash., Melene Thompson)

Large Market - WRCM (Charlotte, N.C., Joe Paulo); WPOZ (Orlando, Fla., Jim Hoge); and WCVO (Columbus, Ohio, Dan Baughman)

Medium Market - WMHK (Columbia, S.C., Jerry Grimes) (only one entry in category)

Small Market - KKJM (St. Cloud, Minn., Deb Huschle); KGCB (Flagstaff, Ariz., Steve White); and KSWP (Lufkin, Texas, Dwyan Calvert)

From the finalists, a winner will be selected by a panel of judges involved with the GMA. They will rate the stations in four categories: community involvement, ratings, air-check and industry leadership.

The winners will be announced before this year's 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards, often nicknamed the "Christian Grammys," which is scheduled for Apr. 25.

Leading up to the Dove Awards is GMA Music Week in Nashville, which will bring together the nation's top music industry leaders, including the largest broadcasters. CBN will also be running specific programing that will interest radio stations and broadcasters during the week.

Last year's winners for the Radio Station of the Year contest are as follows: KLRC (Fayetteville, Ark.) for small market; WMHK (Columbia, S.C.) for medium market; WPOZ (Orlando, Fla.) for large market; and KSBJ (Houston, Texas) for major market.