'God of War': Reward For E3 Trailer Passing 15M Views Is Overture MP3 File

Still no release date currently known for the 'God of War' PS4 game
Facebook courtesy of God of WarStill no release date currently set for the 'God of War' PS4 game

Developers have released something new related to the "God of War" PS4 game, though it appears that fans are split when it comes to how happy they are about it.

First off, a little background is in order here. For those who may be unaware, a little while back, director Cory Barlog teased over on Twitter that he and the other developers should do "something" if the upcoming game's Electronic Entertainment Expo trailer reached 15 million views.

Since then, fans have been keeping an eye on the view count of that trailer, and a few days ago, it did indeed eclipse the 15 million mark.

True to their word, the developers did release "something."

In a recent tweet, the official account of Sony Santa Monica provided fans with a link leading to an MP3 file of a live version of the "God of War" Overture, the same song that was played during the E3 2016 showcase of the aforementioned game.

Barlog also tweeted about the newly released MP3 file, hinting that it really is that "something" that would be released after the E3 trailer amassed more than 15 million views.

Fans have varied opinions about this reward.

Some fans are appreciative of this little gift, while others have expressed their disappointment over what has been released.

It appears some fans were hoping for something else to be released such as a new trailer, while there were a few hoping that the release date of the new "God of War" PS4 was finally set to be revealed.

Unfortunately for those fans, it looks as though the developers are not quite ready to share those things just yet, so they will just have to keep waiting for a while longer for new details to be revealed.

More news about the upcoming "God of War" PS4 game should be made available this year.