Google Nexus 7 2 Release Date Set for July

The Google Nexus 7 2 release date will be sometime in July.

The device was originally expected to debut at Google I/O, but will actually be available in the beginning of the summer, according to a new Reuters report.

Specifications for the tablet include a higher resolution display. The current model features a 1280 x 800 resolution with 254 ppi on a 7-inch touch screen. It will be a challenge for Google to improve on this already impressive display.

The device will also feature a thinner bezel, making it more comparable to the iPad Mini. Google will most likely switch from a NVIDIA Tegra to Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor for power consumption purposes.

The Google Nexus 7 2 will cost $199 when it debuts later this year and the current version will drop to $149, according to the Reuters report.

The upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone will feature a 4.5-inch display and a stronger battery.

Google will not enlarge the screen on the device and will stretch it out a bit more so it takes up 88 percent of the smartphone's face, according to a YouMobile report.

The device will also not come with a full HD 1080p screen, so it will not be directly competing with other smartphones such as the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. The company has chosen to settle on a 720p display instead.

Other specs include a 9-megapixel camera and stronger battery. Google plans to create a more compact phone that features a great camera and good battery life. It will also come with the Snapdragon 600 1.5GHz processor.

Nexus 5 smartphone is rumored to feature special Nikon camera technology, according to an older report by PhoneArena. The handset's camera module will feature a "triple camera sensor thing" with Nikon branding. The site's source also confirmed that this will be the handset's main selling point.