Grand Theft Auto 5 Rumors: Beach Bum DLC Could Include Casino Heist Story Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 just released the Beach Bum DLC and now Rockstar Studios is already hinting at another DLC.

Possible upcoming story modes that can be introduced to the game include a casino heist and Yanktown. There were rumors of there being a North Yanktown in a DLC, but it was revealed as a hoax last week, reports IBTimes. Yanktown was to be a snowy area reminiscent of North Dakota, but ultimately, it was not real, just an area of the game that not accessible.

However, the game having a casino heist is a possibility and even hinted at during the game. There is a casino in Vinewood Park with a sign that reads "Opening Soon." Gamers speculate that the banner is a subtle hint to a DLC that will open it.

Grand Theft Auto DLC "Beach Bum" as well as the 1.06 update to fix online bugs and add online features was released last week.

The patch included different hairstyles, clothing options, and an option of new tattoos as well as new missions, according to Inquisit. Another DLC from Rockstar Studios will allow the gamer to create their own online missions. The DLCs are available for free.

The 1.06 update fixed a host of problems and exploits, reported Polygon. Some of the fixes included: the deletion of personal vehicles when adding trackers and insurance, the camera stuck on aerial view when entering GTA Online, menu malfunctions, missions that were completed starting over by themselves, and cloud based memory errors as well as other patches, which can be viewed here.

Other changes to the game affect the way GTA Online plays, and distributes the rewards points better. Some of the points for certain objectives have been lowered while other have been raised, added or removed. In addition to this, more vehicles have been added, auto save features for some vehicles and certain background debris has been changed.