Grand Theft Auto V: Most Controversial Game to Date?

Grand Theft Auto, arguably one of the most controversial, protested, and notoriously criminal games to date, has announced the soon-coming release of Grand Theft Auto V today.

Rockstar Games, in an unexpected move, posted a holding page on the company website simply presented the widely known Grand Theft Auto logo, with a single, teasing line: “Trailer 11.02.11.”

Because of the popularity of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, rumors have been swirling around the production and development of the next game. The last major GTA game, GTA IV, was released in 2008.

A possible strategy of Rockstar Games in the broadcast of a coming GTA V trailer and game now could be to overshadow several other video game competitors released today.

In the slew of electronic games debuting today was the heavy hitter Battlefield 3; the franchise has sold over 17 million units to date.

Also released this morning was a new Dragon Ball video game, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. The Dragon Ball games aren’t overly popular individually, but the franchise is worth millions, and nostalgia of the discontinued series keeps fans buying the games every time they come out.

Rockstar Games and their Grand Theft Auto franchise look to build up publicity for their newest installment and hopefully break their last sales record; in 2008, GTA IV sold over $500 million worth in just one week.

The entire series of games has sold over 114 copies to date.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records 2008 and 2009 Gamers’ Edition, with over 4,000 articles written on it, multiple lawsuits against the developers and distributors, and criminals accusing the series for their violent actions, GTA has been the most divisive game of all time.

If the next chapter in the series is anything like the last, Grand Theft Auto V could be the most controversial episode ever made.