Grow Gospel Warriors In Your Church!

 BALTIMORE, Md. – Summit Church Pastor J.D. Greear said Monday that U.S. churches are failing because their structure is oriented towards uplifting gifted pastors rather than cultivating disciple-making leaders among the body of Christ.

The American church model, the North Carolina pastor said, is all wrong. "We think of successful churches as those who have gathered large crowds to bask in the anointing of a talented man."

However, examining the scriptures, Greear said the power of the church lies in its members not a rockstar pastor in the pulpit.

When Jesus told the disciples that he was leaving so that one more powerful than he would come, Greear said he was promising that "the work of the Spirit released through the multitude of ordinary believers would be greater than if Jesus himself stayed or if he anointed one mega leader or a handful of mega leaders, 12 mega leaders or even if that mega leader was Jesus himself."