'GTA V' Updates: OpenIV Shuts Down, Fans Launch Petition

Steam official websiteOpenIV from "Grand Theft Auto V" has been shut down.

OpenIV, the most popular mod tool for "GTA V," was shut down after a cease and desist order.

"Grand Theft Auto" (GTA) has always been a popular video game. All the installments of the title were well-received, and no one in the gaming community can claim that they have never heard of "GTA." As a result, people would often look for more ways to make the game interesting, and the most popular feature that gamers found was being able to create mods, especially for "GTA V." 

According to reports, the order came from Take-Two Interactive. The official release of OpenIV indicated that Take-Two cited that the mod tool allowed for the violation of their rights by defeating its security features and modifying the software. An update that was provided also reveals that Take-Two's decision to ask for the shutdown of OpenIV followed after recent mods were proven malicious as they allowed for the harassment of players and ruin the "GTA" online experience for others.

According to reports, the "GTA" community was angered with the development and a petition has been launched to have OpenIV be revived. "GTA V" has been receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews as thousands of players are unable to enjoy the game because they are unable to access the mods necessary for the experience. The petition was published in Change.org.

"GTA V" is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and it is the second best-selling video game on Xbox 360. It was released in 2013 and has since been in the spotlight in the gaming community. Hopefully, Take-Two Interactive will reconsider its decision and have OpenIV revived.