GTA V Online: Unreleased 'Heists' DLC Accessed by Hackers

The unreleased "Heists" DLC for GTA V Online was accessed by hackers this week.

The rumored DLC seems to be real as these hackers have posted a video of themselves playing through it. YouTube user Mark Rosette posted this clip that shows the gameplay of the "Heists." He also explains how it works.

Rosette invited other users to join him, but by doing that, he could end up being banned by Rockstar.

There are three different roles to play in these missions including hacker, defender and attacker.

Attackers basically take care of the security personnel while defenders watch over a specific area and prevent reinforcements from tampering with a mission. Hackers are used to open electronically locked doors and eventually, the bank vault.

The official "Heists" DLC is said to be in beta and has not been officially released. Rockstar has not confirmed anything regarding it. Rosette feels that more features will be added before its release.

Rockstar games attempted to halt GTA Online cheaters progress by removing RP and Money glitches from GTA 5's multiplayer mode, however, there are still ways to make illegal money.

The company threw cheating players into Bad Sport Lobbies, took away their money, even with that a new cheat revealed by YouTube user "witwix" shows a mission called Mixed Up With Coke that allows players to make around $18,000 per minute in rewards plus 3,500 in RP.

In order to take part in this mission the player must be Rank 45 or above so that they can access it. Three or more players can be called on for assistance to make the process easier and quicker and two of them must be above level 9 with the other two over level 19 so that they can use grenades and sticky bombs.

More on this cheat and the method can be found in full detail here.