GTA V Online Update Release Fails to Correct Money Glitch

Rockstar games recently rolled out various updates for GTA V online that were meant to deal with certain issues preventing players from having a fair experience.

(PHOTO: GTA 5 Trailer Screencap)Trailer credits for GTA 5.

The update seemed to fix many of the glitches, however, one of them still remains that allows players to exploit a hole in the game where they can duplicate vehicles to sell and make a profit from. The cheat can be viewed on YouTube.

Rockstar will most likely issue an update that will correct the glitch sometime in the near future.

The latest patch for GTA V rolled out earlier this month. It introduced a Rat Loader pickup truck along with several fixes like characters not going bald from wearing masks.

"Today's automatic title update includes the triumphant return of the Rat Loader pickup truck to GTA Online. This vehicle and all its mods are available for free until the next title update, so anyone who might have lost one from their garage previously can now re-create it at no cost. Just grab it from the in-game website and modify it at any Los Santos Customs location," said Rockstar in a press release.

The company also discussed how it would benefit solo players.

"This title update also enables solo players in Races to earn GTA$, plus provides fixes for numerous issues, including incorrect time displays for some players in the Bad Sport pool, issues with the Cornrows haircut and situations where characters would become bald after using a mask," read the release.

The update also featured 10 new jobs and Valentine's Day Massacre content based on the 1920s that includes a limo, a Tommy Gun-like weapon, and many other features.

Grand Theft Auto V was released back in Sept. 2013 and is one of the fastest selling games of all time.