Hailstorm in Colorado: Freak Downpour Unleashes 6 Inches of Summer Hail (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A hailstorm in Colorado has stunned local residents as the pleasant summer weather all of a sudden gave way to freak winter weather on Thursday. The incident took place in Littleton, Colorado, when a massive shower of hailstones suddenly pounder parts of the city.

(Photo: KPLC 7 News Screen Shot)A hailstorm in Colorado has left local residents stunned.

Reports indicate that up to 6 inches of hail fell in some parts, and various areas were flooded with up to 4 feet of water, as the region ground to a halt with thousands of residents looking up to the sky with bewilderment.

According to KPLCTV, as adults looked around looking completely stunned, many children took to the outside with excitement, happy to see ice and snow filling the streets in the middle of the summer.

One kid told the network: "I'm excited. It's fun in snow."

However, as fun as the massive hailstorm was for some, it proved extremely dangerous for others, with drivers in particular getting caught out.

One local, Bryndon Jackson, was driving when the hailstorm struck. He has reported that he got stuck in a flash flood and was buried in hail.

Jackson said, "All of a sudden my car just started getting washed away. Water flying up over the hood coming up to my windshield. It's freaky, it's weird."

Here is a video news report into the Colorado hailstorm: