Halle Berry Paparazzi Clash Makes Actress 'Committed' to Moving to France

Halle Berry's paparazzi outrage reached new heights Thursday when the mother picked up her 4-year-old daughter, Nahla from school in Beverly Hills. The photographers were in hot pursuit to snap a candid picture of the pair.

Halle Berry and paparazzi clashed, however, when they got too close to her daughter. Like a lioness defending her cub, she lashed out at the photographers, who followed her in a silver Toyota.

"I'm doing something honorable. I'm not harassing people," the "Gothika" star yelled. The paparazzo seen in a video had some choice words of his own for Berry, however.

"F--- off … you make millions and I have a right to make money too," the unnamed photographer reportedly said, according to Radar.

"Why don't you do an honest job and stop harassing me and my daughter?!" Halle yelled. Following that was a foul tirade of expletives, and she eventually stormed off out of sight. No physical contact was made by either the paparazzo or Berry, fortunately.

Because of the incident, police were called, who then asked all the paparazzi to leave the premises immediately, according to reports. For some of the school's parents though, the paparazzi's stalking of Nahla on school grounds has gotten to be enough.

"The school has only ever seen this type of chaos since Halle arrived with Nahla," one parent told Radar.

Berry may have had enough as well. Following reports that her most dangerous stalker, Robert Hoskins, had been released from prison earlier this year, the Hollywood actress was allegedly moving to France with her then-boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Now that Martinez has officially proposed, that possibility could soon become a reality.

The 45-year-old actress is now "more committed than ever" to move to France with Nahla and Martinez, an insider told Radar.

The plans could be on hold, however, because of Nahla's father, Gabriel Aubry. Berry's ex-boyfriend Aubry has been in a bitter custody battle with her over Nahla, which is preventing the mother from moving away.