Has Beyonce Given Birth?

Rumors have spread that Beyonce may have given birth to a new baby girl according to recent reports that say the pop-singer was scheduled to go into labor Wednesday.

Beyonce, and her husband Jay-Z, have long anticipated the arrival of their new baby girl, Tiana-May Carter. According to the Twitter gossip site Gawker, the wait may be over.

The couple was expected to occupy the “luxury” labor floor at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York, Wednesday. This is the same hospital where Natalie Portman gave birth earlier this year.

However the rumors were started by the website Media Take Out, which doesn’t always supply the most accurate news. Earlier this year the site reported that Beyonce was wearing a fake baby belly.

The singer has had to debunk her fair share of rumors since declaring her pregnancy. Other rumors came out about her particular cravings during pregnancy that Beyonce told Katie Couric in an interview, were just not true.

When talking about being pregnant on 20/20 Beyonce said, “It's the best thing -- it's so exciting because I believe it's what we live for, it's how we live forever, it's our legacy.”

Media Take Out has insisted that it has solid sources this time, reporting that two nurses confirmed that they would be shutting down half of the floor to receive a celebrity client.

ABC has also reported on the arrival of the new baby. They called the birth of Beyonce’s daughter “the most anticipated birth of the year.” However, Beyonce has never confirmed a due date.