Herman Cain's Muslim Comments Lead Him to Summon Muslims For Roundtable Discussions

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain will be holding roundtable discussions with Muslim leaders in the next seven days according to his communications director.

Ellen Carmichael, the spokeswoman for his campaign, has confirmed that he summoned a group of Muslim leaders to a discussion about religion and politics. She also confirmed that several leaders agreed to attend the discussions, but that the campaign was not ready to release any names at this time, nor confirm the date they would take place.

News of the upcoming meeting comes following Cain making headlines for comments about his apparent distrust for the Muslim community. His comments included him speaking out against the construction of the mosque in Murfreesboro, TN that was already under fire from residents of the town.

Cain also commented that he would not hire a Muslim to his cabinet in fear that they would attempt to implement Sharia law.

Cain then stated on the Glenn Beck Show that for him to ever consider appointing a Muslim they would have to prove their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.

He claims this was his way of protecting the American people, not a form of discrimination.

“This nation is under attack constantly by people who want to kill all of us, so I’m going to take extra precaution,” said Cain in June.

Cain also defended himself against the accusations leading some to believe he was bigoted against all Muslims.

“I know that there’s a peaceful group of Muslims in this country,” said Cain on the July 17th edition of Fox News Sunday. “God bless them and they are free to worship. I have never discriminated against anybody because of their religion, their sex, or origin, or anything like that. I’m simply saying I owe it to the American people to be cautious because terrorists are trying to kill us.”