Hilltown Accident (VIDEO): Driver Killed in Mysterious 3 Car Crash in Pennsylvania (PHOTO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A Hilltown accident has left one dead and others injured in a three car crash on Oct. 1, 2013.

A deadly car accident involving three vehicles has left one dead in Hilltown, Pennsylvania on October 1, 2013.

The tragic accident involved three vehicles, and took place at about 3 p.m. local time.

One of the drivers was killed, and two other drivers were injured in the crash, with vehicles said to have burst into flames in the collision.

The car crash involved the driver crashing his black Scion into a pickup truck before colliding with a Mack garbage truck.

According to reports, the driver crashed into the back of the Mazda pickup truck that was turning right. Immediately after crashing into the pickup truck, the Scion veered off in to the other lane and crashed into oncoming traffic, and slammed into a garbage truck.

The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene and has been identified as Donnie Hopwood III.

Prayers and condolences poured into Hopwood's Facebook page as news of his death surfaced.

Hopwood himself had updated his Facebook status with an eerie message on August 28, 2013: "You're already dead. You're dead from the moment you're born. If you can accept that, you can accept anything."

Police are investigating what happened in the accident yesterday. The drivers of the other vehicles were not seriously injured.

Here is video footage from the aftermath of the crash: