HIV and AIDS Cure News: NACC Deems Magarini MP's Claims as Dangerous

REUTERS/ATHIT PERAWONGMETHAThere is currently no cure for HIV and AIDS.

Last week, Magarini MP Harrison Kombe claimed that he had found a cure to HIV and AIDS. Now, a scientist from the National Aids Control Council or NACC has slammed the claim and called it dangerous.

According to Nairobi News, Kombe previously claimed that reflexology therapy could cure a patient suffering from the early stages of AIDS. He even encouraged young people and those who have experience in traditional midwifery to train in reflexology while speaking at a rally in Chamari in Kilifi County. He stated that the training could result in more jobs.

Additionally, Kombe argued that reflexology could also cure impotence in men, as well as stroke, kidney failure and brain tumors, among other things. "The reflexology does not only help to cure the HIV and Aids virus at early stages, but also reactivates sexual organs for men," he said.

It is widely known that cures for HIV and AIDS have yet to be discovered. Scientists have long been working on and researching for a possible remedy for the disease. Kombe's claims are definitely wild, and it caused some surprise and laughter among the residents who heard him speak.

NACC Coast coordinator Julius Koome, however, thinks it is no laughing matter. Koome compared Kombe's claims to those made by former President of The Gambia Yahya Jahmeh some nine years ago. Similarly, Jahmeh had asserted that he could also cure HIV.

"It is well-known that it disrupted (Aids) treatment in The Gambia for years," Koome recounted (via Daily Nation). "We are yet to get details of his revelations, but this will interfere with our efforts to fight the scourge."

There are currently some 20,000 people in Kilifi County who are receiving treatment for AIDS. Koome believes that Kombe's statements could result in the same damage that previously took place in The Gambia and put the patients' lives at risk.

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