Holmes Cruise Divorce Details: Alleged Leak Shows 6-Month Marriage Breakdown, $4.8M in Child Support

The Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce details have been kept top secret since the ex-couple negotiated a settlement earlier this year. However, it has now been reported that new documents have been discovered that shed light on the high profile divorce settlement.

At the time, when Holmes filed for divorce, the news hit the headlines as a complete surprise to most. However, according to new reports, documents suggest that the couple were having severe difficulties in their relationship for six months prior to the filing.

The alleged documents have stated that the marital relationship broke down "irretrievably for a period of at least six months immediately preceding" the filing for divorce, according to the National Enquirer.

The documents also confirm various details that have already been made public; such as the custody arrangements for the couple's 6-year-old daughter Suri.

The papers show that Holmes was granted sole custody of Suri, and claim that Cruise committed to paying $400,000 a year to fund his daughter's "medical, dental, insurance, unreimbursed medical and dental, education, college, extracurricular and camp expenses."

In other reports Cruise's child support payments will allegedly be about $4.8 million by the time Suri reaches 18 years of age, according to Radar Online.

Holmes has spoken out about the intense media scrutiny she has been under since her high profile divorce with Cruise. At the 2012 Design Awards she said, "I have a lot of feelings about the press. There are a lot of people with much bigger problems and who are less fortunate. I try to keep it all in perspective."

At the same time Tom Cruise has faced a huge amount of scrutiny about his relationship with controversial cult Scientology. Many reports have claimed that it was this relationship with Scientology that caused friction between the couple and eventually was a major reason for the split.

Some have also criticized Cruise for being away from his daughter for so long. However, others have come to his defense saying he has been filming his latest movie in the U.K. and that he speaks to her multiple times almost every day.

Since the divorce, Holmes and Suri have left California and relocated to New York City.