Homeless Good Samaritan Turns in Backpack Containing $42,000

A homeless Good Samaritan in Boston turned in a backpack containing nearly $42,000. Police were able to return the property back to the owner and have thanked the man for his help.

The unknown man found the backpack, which contained $2,400.00 in cash and $39,500.00 in American Express Travelers Cheques, as well as a passport and other personal papers. He notified officers, who later received a phone call from a nearby Best Buy store; a customer told the store employees that he had lost the backpack. Police then returned the backpack to the man.

The Good Samaritan gave police his name and the address of the homeless shelter where he lives, but police have not released his name or any identifying information. Many people, however, have praised the stranger for his selfless and honest deed.

"People like this continue to give me a reason for wanting to wake up in the morning. Wow! This guy should be honored & give a big fat wad of cash. Bless Him & I hope his life improves. He's better than most of us," Splitstream posted on The Boston Herald.

"Here's proof that you can't judge a book by its cover. I wish him well," added BaBaLouie.

This is not the first time a homeless man has done a good deed and returned something misplaced by another. Billy Ray Harris found an engagement ring in the cup he used to collect money; he kept the ring until its owner, Sarah Darling, returned for it. She then, with husband Bill, set up a fund to help Harris get back on his feet.

The story caught national attention and the fund now has more than $186,000 from donors and Harris has reunited with family he once thought lost. His sister, Robin Harris Williams, recognized her brother from the story and planned a reunion in his honor. Harris now also has a part-time job as a result of the publicity surrounding his good deed.