'Horizon Zero Dawn' Guide to Finding Power Cells Location

Facebook/GuerillaGames"Horizon Zero Dawn" is an action RPG launched last February.

Players of "Horizon Zero Dawn" have been busy as they try to succeed in what could be the most difficult quest in the action role-playing game – unlocking the Ancient Armory.

According to US Gamer, finding the most powerful outfit in the game is not the problem. The location of the Ancient Armory is quite easy to spot. It is found in almost exactly the same place as the Metal Flowers. Players must first find the bunker situated at the heart of Mother's Embrace in the eastern side of the map. Southwest of a Strider area, the ruins marker will become visible. One must climb over the rocks and jump inside the hole at the top.

Past the Metal Flower location, players will find the special armor. It can be unlocked via a mechanism, but access is barred until all the power cells are collected. These may be found in the old ruins. The cells will glow green when they are close by, making it easy for players to spot them. There are five cells in all.

The first cell is located in the bunker where young Aloy first found her focus. Gamers should look for a stalactite formation and smash it. The cell is just hiding on the other side of the doorway.

Power cells number two and three may be found in the All-Mother Mountain and in the Grave Hoard, respectively. The fourth one will appear in the "Maker's End" quest, while the last one may be located in the "Mountain That Fell" quest. Once players have secured all five cells, they must head back to the bunkers, find the underground cave and solve two puzzles.

According to Euro Gamer, once the players succeed in the disc-spinning door puzzles, they are free to take the armor located in the central room. To reap the other benefits, the box in the inventory must be opened. Once the armor has been equipped, it has the power to make a player invincible up to a point. Recharging is still needed, though. The armor will flash red if it has reached its limit.