HTC One 2 Unveiling Live Stream 2014: Watch Smartphone Release Here

The HTC One 2 also known as the M8 will be unveiled in a special live stream event hosted by the company tomorrow.

HTC has already posted up the page that shows the countdown until the start of the event. The Christian Post will actually be attending this year's HTC One unveiling, but for those who did not receive an invite, the live stream will begin tomorrow around 11 a.m. ET. Watch it here.

It will be held at a dual event in New York and London as invitations for it were sent out earlier this month.

The device is expected to launch in gray, silver and gold.

CNET will be covering the event with a live blog that might feature commentary unavailable in the actual live stream. Watch it here.

This is the second major smartphone unveiling this year following Samsung's introduction of the Galaxy S5 at the end of last month. The new HTC One is rumored to look almost identical to its predecessor, however, it will feature advanced specs with the possibility of coming with a fingerprint sensor.

The device might also go by several different names including the "ll New HTC One," the HTC One 2014 or just the HTC One 2. The company originally announced the first of these to be the branding, but is rumored to have changed the name since that time. Its code name was the HTC M8 with the second part pertaining to the version of Sense that the new model will run.

The HTC One was an extremely successful device for the company in 2013. It was voted as smartphone of the year by various publications including The Christian Post. The second-gen model is sure to impress.