HTC One Review: Hardware Trumps Software

The first HTC One review has been released, and critics are praising its hardware immensely.

The Verge was the first to really publish an in depth review of the smartphone and the device just did not seem to impress all around.

The site praised its hardware, but was disappointed by how it ran the Android OS.

"In my quest to find the perfect Android phone, I'm still left wanting," wrote the site. "I want the One's hardware, but I want the Nexus 4's software and promise of timely updates."

The site also expressed its disappointment with the device's camera.

"I also want a better camera- the One isn't bad, it's just mediocre, and I've seen better from Android phones," added The Verge.

The reviewer concluded by stating that as it stands; the HTC One is one of the top two Android smartphones along with the Nexus 4, but feels that the Galaxy S4 will easily overshadow it when it is released later this week.

9to5Google challenged HTC on its decision to continue to push it Sense interface and suggested that the company should have a more pure version of Android running on its devices.

"My question to HTC is: Will you ride Sense into obscurity/bankruptcy or give your users the option to use a recent unadulterated Android OS?" wrote the site. "With the S4 and Google I/0 looming, the decision to put so much effort into features users don't want it puzzling."

Samsung also has a similar issue with its layout of Android and devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 run the software much smoother. Samsung is rumored to be switching over to its very own Tizen OS in the near future. However, the Galaxy S4 is still expected to run Android.