Ikea Shopper Claims Jesus' Face Appeared to Him in Bathroom Stall; Friends Say It Looks Like 'Tree People From Lord of the Rings'

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(Photo: Reuters/Jumana El Heloueh)Customers walk near the entrance of an IKEA store in this January 22, 2013 file photo.

A shopper who recently went to an Ikea furniture store in search of some curtain tiebacks in Glasgow, United Kingdom, said he found more than he bargained for when he stumbled upon the image of Jesus Christ in a bathroom stall.

David Simons, the 33-year-old shopper who works with props in the film industry, says the likeness of Jesus appeared to him on the wooden door of the toilet stall he was using in the restroom of the store. He claims he saw the outline of eyes and a moustache.

His friends, however, were less than convinced that he saw Jesus Christ in the bathroom stall.

"I think it looks like Jesus but some of my friends think it looks more like one of the tree people from 'Lord of the Rings,'" he said in a Daily Mail U.K. report.

Although he claims to have experienced an encounter with the divine, Simons said Jesus did not help him find what he was initially looking for in the store.

"I actually went for tiebacks for curtains but they didn't have any. 'So Jesus didn't help us there," he told Daily Mail.

Simons is not the first person who has claimed to see the face of Jesus in an unorthodox place. Last March, Colombian newspaper El Tiempo reported about locals charging people to see the image of Jesus that reportedly surfaced on the side of a hill following a landslide in Putumayo, Colombia.

A number of people have also claimed to see the likeness of Jesus in a variety of foods, which Buzzfeed compiled a list of in 2013.

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