Impaled at WTC, Man Survives Miraculous Fall (VIDEO)

A 37 year-old construction worker fell and impaled himself on Tuesday, while working at the World Trade Center building site.

The incident occurred when the worker slipped and fell an estimated five feet, landing on a steel rod that he had been carrying in his hand according to a spokesman for Tishman Construction, the company responsible for the job.

Following the incident, the man was rushed to Bellevue hospital where he was reportedly in critical condition. The steel rod punctured through the man's side stomach, although the man was not left in a life threatening condition according to

On Wednesday a second incident occurred when a glass window pane fell from the 54th floor and shatter on the ground.

"A sudden gust of wind caused a steel load to impact a curtain wall panel on the south side of Tower 4. As a result, some pieces of glass fell onto Liberty Street," John Gallagher of Tishman Construction told the New York Post. "Fortunately, the street was closed at the time, and the Liberty Street sidewalk is protected by a construction shed. We have suspended steel lifts pending an investigation, are inspecting the entire façade of the building, and are reviewing protocols for evaluating weather conditions."

Both incidents come after an emotional ceremony on Monday in which the American flag was attached to the last steel beam added to 4 World Trade Center.

After construction is completed, a date estimated sometime in 2013, the Freedom Tower will reach a total of 1,776 feet in a symbolic reference to the year of American independence. The height will make the building the third tallest building in the world.

At current, 4 World Trade Center stands 977 feet tall and has a total of 72 stories.