Infant Found Safe After Abduction, Mother Killed Trying to Protect Him

A three-day-old infant boy has been found safe in Texas after he was abducted and his mother killed. He is described as "healthy," and a woman has been taken into custody for murder and kidnapping.

Authorities are investigating the murder of 28-year-old Kala Marie Golden and the abduction of her son, Keegan. Witnesses have said that they saw Golden leaving a pediatric center with Keegan when a man and woman approached her and started fighting with her. The woman attacker fired up to seven times, killing Golden, while the man grabbed Keegan and put him in their car.

"My baby! My baby!" Golden was able to yell, alerting passersby to the abduction. She died soon after, and police soon located the getaway car but were unable to locate Keegan until six hours after the incident.

Keegan has been reunited with his father, and the woman who took him arrested. Now the Associated Press has reported that a capital murder charge has been filed against Verna McClain. The Montgomery County Police Recorder states that McClain confessed to the shooting and kidnapping; she had previously told her sister that she would be adopting a child soon.

Kala's mother, Linda, has said that her daughter "died trying to save her baby," and it is apparent from witness testimony that she fought until the very end to get Keegan back.

"The child was being put into the suspects' vehicle, and that's when the mother tried to get into the car. The car sped away, knocking the lady to the ground," Lt. Dan Norris told the Associated Press.

By the time mother, Linda arrived on the scene, Kala was already being loaded into an ambulance. "My daughter was brutally murdered protecting her baby," she told the Houston Chronicle.