Inspiring Christmas Film 'Noëlle' Makes DVD Debut

An inspiring story of one priest's journey to learning forgiveness and redemption is now available on DVD after releasing in select theaters nationwide last year.

Once again in time for the holiday season, "Noëlle" revolves around Father Jonathan Keene, a cold, impatient Catholic priest who arrives in a tiny fishing village the week before Christmas to shut down a dying parish.

"He shuts down churches that aren't considered financially viable … sort of [the archdiocese's] hitman," explains one of the characters in the Volo Films production distributed by faith-based Gener8Xion Entertainment.

To Keene's surprise, however, he quickly becomes entangled in the lives of the village's eccentric characters – among them, the childlike priest he is replacing, and a beautiful librarian who harbors a secret that could profoundly change Keene's life.

"The film is not only about discovering who we really are; it is about realizing who we are not," says award-winning director David Wall, who wrote, directed, and starred as the lead actor for "Noëlle."

"I think we as humans do tons of things out of guilt. Keene is really just an exaggerated example of that in human nature," Wall told the Catholic Digest.

"This story, and even more importantly, the outcome of this story, addresses that guilt and, I think, offers healing. And hopefully audiences are going to identify that," he said.

Laced with comedy, mystery, and a splash of romance, "Noëlle" has been touted as a stirring motion picture that will entertain and challenge the hearts of young and old alike, inspiring viewers to ask themselves not what they are doing, but why they are doing it.

More than the usual feel-good Christmas flick, "Noëlle" promoters say the film offers authentic, real-life challenges that are sure to resonate with viewers.

"We believe that everyone deserves a second chance," says Matt Crouch, chairman and CEO of Gener8Xion Entertainment. "'Noëlle' is a film about hope – a story that will inspire everyone to realize that a second chance is always an option in this life."

"Noëlle" was released on Dec. 7, 2007, in 203 theaters in the United States, grossing over $250,000 in the course of two weeks. It won two awards at the 2006 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival for "Best Director" and "Best American Indie 1st Runner Up."

The film's promoters describe "Noëlle" as a cross between "Waking Ned Devine" and "It's a Wonderful Life."

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