'Into the Badlands' Season 2 Episode 6: Sunny Meets an Old Friend; The Widow Forms an Unlikely Alliance

Sunny (Daniel Wu) gets his first encounter with the Abbots in the next episode of "Into the Badlands."

YouTube/amcA screenshot of Sunny (Daniel Wu) from the post-apocalyptic action series “Into the Badlands.”

M.K. (Aramis Knight) may have escaped the Abbots in the previous episode of AMC's post-apocalyptic action series, but the trailer for season 2 episode 6 titled "Leopard Stalks in Snow" reveals that the Abbots have a device that can track his gift. On the other hand, the trailer also teases that M.K. and Sunny may finally be reunited again.

The upcoming episode will also be pitting Quinn (Marton Csokas) against his first wife, Lydia (Orla Brady), who is out to avenge the death of her son, Ryder (Oliver Stark), by his own father's hands. Her vengeful plot does not seem to work out so well, but it seems that Quinn would at least be sparing Lydia's life.

Meanwhile, The Widow (Emily Beecham), who has decided to align herself with Quinn has come face-to-face with the Badlands' fallen Baron, following the bloodshed he previously brought upon the conclave. It would be interesting to see how The Widow will convince Quinn, with whom she has been at war for most of the first season, that her intentions are good. Can these two villainous characters ever learn to trust each other?

The previous episode also set Sunny back on an important path of protector when he decided to use his martial arts skills to defend somebody else other than himself. And although his action may have given rise to more future confrontations with the sex trafficker Nos (Marc Rissman), it also introduced an interesting new opponent that fans of the show can watch out for.

After their brush up with Nos, Sunny and Bajie (Nick Frost) will be meeting a friend in the next episode, but will also have to confront an enemy from their past.

"Into the Badlands" season 2 episode 6 airs on Sunday, April 23 at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC.