Invictus Igwe Wins 40-Yard Field Goal Contest, Turns Down Camaro for $20,000 (VIDEO)

Young Man Plans to Invest Winnings and Help His Mother: 'I'm Going to Enjoy it Smartly'

Invictus Igwe, a former high school kicker, managed to kick a 40-yard field goal during a halftime contest at a Simi Valley High football game Friday, winning a 2014 Chevy Camaro in the process. However, the 25-year-old opted instead for a $20,000 cash prize, saying he's going to enjoy his winnings "smartly."

Invictus Igwe was at the game of Southern California rivals Simi Valley High and Royal High because of the contest. The 25-year-old Apple specialist had sent a text to a number and was surprised when got the call to make the kick. Fortunately for Igwe, he had experience as the kicker for nearby Kennedy High School in 2007, and it paid off when the ball sailed through the uprights.

"It was like being back in high school," he told USA Today Sports. "I did my normal routine. Three steps back, two steps to the right, deep breath, hips at a 45-degree angle."

The ball sailed off to the right and the kick nearly missed. Igwe had kicked the ball so hard his Vans Pro Era shoe flew off as well.

"I didn't even realize I didn't have one shoe until I got back over to the sideline," he recounted. "I still can't believe it. I called my mom and she started crying. It was the biggest blessing ever."

Although Chevrolet had rolled out their sleek white 2014 Camaro on the field, Igwe declined, deciding that his 2010 Honda Civic is "perfectly functional" and he would rather invest in his future. He opted for $20,000 instead, which he will use to pay off debts, open a savings account, invest, and help his mother in Texas.

"@SimiValleyChevy I actually took the $20,000 prize. The #Camaro was perfect, but paying off my debt to establish my life is priority!" he tweeted.

In the future, Igwe plans on re-enrolling at Moorpark College next semester and hopefully transfer to Stanford down the line.

"I'm going to enjoy it smartly," he said.