iOS 6 Release Date Set for Fall 2012

Apple unveiled iOS 6 at its World Wide Developers Conference yesterday and also stated that it would be available as an update for iPhone, iPod and iPad owners in the fall of this year.

The beta version launched for developers yesterday.

The software will be available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as the second and third generation iPad. It will not be available for the original iPad.

iOS 6 packs 200 new features, including updates for Siri plus better Facebook and Twitter integration.

Other basic functionalities have been updated as well on iOS 6 including the phone app, photo stream, and camera app.

Users making calls now have a Slide up incoming call slider where they can choose to ignore the call and be reminded to call a person back or can text them a reply when receiving a call.

Siri can now start up various applications. For example; if a user wanted to get a game of Temple Run going quickly all they would have to do is say "Play Temple Run" to Siri and it will automatically start the game.

Apple has also partnered up with Yahoo Sports for its Siri upgrades. Those who are operating Siri can ask sport-related questions and receive more informed answers. Restaurant integration has also been improved in the artificial intelligence system.

The Maps feature has been updated on iOS 6 and it now includes a 3D mode that works worldwide. It now has a traffic service feature that provides a view that shows where slow traffic and accidents are located. Maps also provides the user with turn-by-turn directions and live re-routing to destinations. Users can access the feature from the lock screen in iOS 6.