iOS 6 Release Time: 1PM Predicted as Release Date Excitement Hits Millions

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Photo courtesy of 9to5MaciOS 6 Banners Being put up at WWDC 2012

Millions across the globe are searching for details of the iOS 6 release time as its release date is scheduled for today, Wednesday Sept. 19, 2012. The new operating system will drop today but Apple has still not officially notified about exactly what time it will be available for download.

Rumors circulating on social media sites have suggested that 1 p.m. ET will be the time for the iOS 6 to become available. Numerous Apple fanatics and analysts have offered this time as the likely debut time based upon previous updates released by Apple at that time.

One blogger with username "agirlincollege" tweeted: "#iOS6 update will be available at 1:00 PM EST. My advice? Wait until later! #Apple #iPhone #iPod #iPad"

That advice follows what many experts are saying; that if possible people should wait for the initial rush to download the new operating system as there are expected to be hundreds of thousands of attempted downloads within minutes of the download option becoming available on the Apple website.

Although Apple has some of the most robust servers in the world, the massive influx of server requests could slow the site and potentially cause issues of too many look to download the iOS 6 at the same time.

The release is one of the most exciting for Apple fans as the new operating system boasts more than 200 new updates and improvements to the iOS 5, and many cannot wait to try the new software.

One of those updates comes to the voice-activated personal assistant, Siri, which has only been available on the iPhone until now. However, with the iOS 6 release Siri will become available on the new iPad (third generation), as well as the fifth generation iPod Touch.

With the iOS 6 Siri will be able to perform a vast number of new tasks through voice activation, including opening and closing apps, finding general information such as movies and restaurants, as well as posting messages directly to a user's Twitter of Facebook social media account.

Facebook integration will also be implemented, allowing users to operate their Facebook accounts seamlessly. Status updates will be possible from various apps, as well as the opportunity to integrate contacts and calendars with the social network. Users will find it easier to "Like" apps and songs on the App Store and iTunes Store.

"Passbook" is also a new app that works similar to a digital "wallet." Users will be able to store and neatly organize all their digital movie tickets, digital boarding passes for flights, as well as the all important digital versions of discount coupons for shopping.

The iOS 6 will be released for download on Wednesday, with some suggesting 1 p.m. to be the time it will become available, although the exact time has not been officially announced by Apple. The company's web page for the iOS 6 release simply states "Coming Soon" still on Wednesday morning.