iOS 7 Rumors: Software Spotted in Developer's Logs

The iOS 7 rumors are starting as the software recently showed up in a developer's logs.

The Next Web reported on a developer who spotted someone using the next-generation iPhone with iOS 7 in their app logs.

The codename for the smartphone in the logs was iPhone 6,1. The current iPhone 5 models are identified as iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2 so the device is obviously Apple's next big handset to be released.

MacRumors also found that users with iOS 7 were visiting the site in its analytics. These visits began last month.

New iOS builds normally launches around the same time as the iPhone, which are both expected to be released between June and October of this year.

iOS 7 is rumored to feature NFC (near-field-communications) capabilities.

The next-generation iPhone is rumored to be called the iPhone 5S and is expected to launch in several colors.

iOS 6 was released alongside the iPhone 5.

The software eliminates YouTube and Google Maps and brings some major upgrades to Siri, including the ability to get sports game updates, launch apps, tweet, and update Facebook statuses by voice.

It also better integrates Facebook in the same way iOS 5 does so with Twitter. iOS 6 also brings new phone app features, such as reminders to call people back, send messages instead of calling, and a Do Not Disturb feature that does not alert you with notifications.

FaceTime will now be available through 3G on iOS 6 and iCloud Tabs will integrate Safari across all iCloud-connected devices, allowing users to go from device to device with the same internet browsing tabs remained open on each.

Passbook will also be introduced on the new software which allows users to get all of their passes in one place, including boarding passes, tickets, and coupons.