iOS Jailbreaking Could Soon Come To An End

Reuters/Stephen LamAn attendee checks out a new iPhone X during an Apple launch event in Cupertino, California, U.S.

The days of iOS jaibreaking might soon be over as users continue to lose interest in the process as Apple implemented many of the tweaks that made it so popular. Two of the three major Cydia repositories have also shut down leaving very little for the community to download in terms of apps, themes, tweaks, and other files.

A few years ago, the cat and mouse game of hackers versus Apple was all the rage as it opened a whole new world of possibilities for iOS devices. Some developers even launched their apps exclusively on jailbroken iPhones in a gesture of disrespect to Apple's penchant for the proprietary.

However, Apple soon implemented many of the popular tweeks that made iOS jailbreaking so popular such as system toggles, lock screen widgets, quick reply for text messages, screen recording, multitasking, picture-in-picture mode on iPad, and keyboard trackpad mode. This left the jailbreaking community little in terms of benefits and its allure soon waned.

As a result, Cydia, an App Store replacement that allows iPhone users with jailbroken devices to download apps also began to lose popularity. Many of its apps were available via three major repositories, two of which have now shut down.

MacCiti was the first to go announcing its closure via a tweet on Nov. 18. It was soon followed by ModMyi which last week announced that it was shutting down explaining that it didn't make economic sense to maintain the repository.

Over two months since its launch, the iOS 11 still doesn't have a public jailbreak as Apple has made it more and more difficult to jailbreak its software every year. With only a few people still active in the community and the waning benefits of jailbreaking itself, it's probably safe to say its days are numbered.

Still, the community won't be going down without a fight as many fanatics are still actively working on the iOS 11 jailbreak. However, given the insecurities of running a jailbroken device, it's not likely many will adopt it.